8th Avenue Bakery, Belle Fourche

When we aren’t hiking around the Hills, Audrey and I love discovering new places to eat delicious food. So when we heard there was a new bakery opening up in Belle Fourche, we knew we had to try it out.


8th Avenue Bakery is located in downtown Belle Fourche in a non-descript brick building that looks like it used to be a warehouse or butcher’s shop or something like that. They currently are opened Thursday through Saturday from 7:00 am until “??” as their sign states. Upon entering we discovered that this is a “grab and go” type of place, meaning that there is no seating in the building itself, which was fine with us. While you are inside, be sure to check out the baking tables. They are apparently over one hundred years old and have been worked so much that there are grooves from all the rolling pins. The main attraction here appears to be the donuts, but there were other items such as scones, rolls, and muffins. We opted to get an assortment of donuts, as well as a chocolate chip cookie because chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and these ones are pretty big, which is always good.


Sorry for the haphazard display of donuts, but they smelled so good we started eating them right away

We got both cake and raised donuts, and both were quite good. The raised donuts were denser and chewier than your usual donut, but I actually really enjoyed that. The cookie also passed my stringent chocolate chip cookie standards. It was definitely worth the drive up to Belle Fourche, and I will more than likely return. I would recommend getting there early though, as it was very busy while we were there, and quite a few items were already gone. Check out 8th Avenue Bakery if you are looking to satisfy any sugar cravings.



704 8th Avenue

Belle Fourche, SD




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